TkV4Lng Video Capture Widget
Tcl Powered   This is an early version of a Tcl/Tk widget for video capture and display using Video for Linux supported webcams and frame grabbers. It is based on a modified version of the new grabber library (libng) from XAWTV 4.x.

The widget has been tested on Debian and Fedora x86/x86_64 Linux with various Bt878 cards and USB webcams, it even runs on a Nokia N800 internet tablet as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot N800

Starting with version 0.5 the widget tries to use the Xv extension to allow full scaling of the grabbed image.
Download   Source code (0.8) (tar.gz about 200 kByte, or older version (0.7), or older version (0.6), or older version (0.5), or older version (0.4), or older version (0.3), or oldest version (0.2)) which can be fed into rpmbuild -ta or (when unpacked) into dpkg-buildpackage. Documentation is missing but a small test program demonstrates most of the widget's functions.
Licensing   The source code is distributed under the GPLv2, see the file COPYING.
Last update 2011-08-12