Help on Search

The search is performed using an offline index database produced by the SWISH-E index engine and a Java/JavaScript frontend programmed by Christian Werner. In order to use the search form you have to enable Java and JavaScript in your web browser. MS Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.5 are known to work with this form.

In the text entry field you can specify keywords, e.g. foo, bar, baz, boolean operators, i.e and, or, not, and parentheses, i.e. ( and ). Keywords separated by spaces are equivalent to keywords separated by and. The database searches for document names and content containing words that match your pattern (as opposed to documents containing lines which match your pattern). All searches are case-insensitive.

Example Description
foo and bar find documents containing foo and bar
foo and not bar find documents which contain foo but not bar
foo or bar and baz find documents which contain both (1) either foo or bar, and (2) baz
foo or (bar and baz) find documents which contain either (1) foo, or (2) both bar and baz

The Search button or the Enter key in the text input field start the keyword search. The All Words button displays a long listing of all keywords from the index file from which you can pick words into the text input field. With the Clear button the result frame (this area) and the text input field are cleared. Help displays the document you are reading right now.

Now try it for yourself!