Package swishej

Interface Summary
Reader Interface for reading a SWISH-E index file.
StemCond Interface implementing replacement test function for stemming rule

Class Summary
Consts Constants used in the SWISH-E search package.
FileHash Class to remember the file short to long number mapping.
FReader Reader for reading a SWISH-E index file from a RandomAccessFile.
IndexFile Representation of SWISH-E index file
Mark Class to implement a list for marking file numbers.
MetaHash Class to remember meta information from index file.
Preview Functions for making a document preview.
Result Representation of a single search result.
ResultList Representation of search result lists
Search Class providing the SWISH-E based keyword search.
SearchApplet Class implementing the search applet for SWISH-E indices.
SearchImpl Class implementing the SWISH-E search.
SortInfo Information used througout search.
SortResult Sorting and formatting of a search result.
Stemmer Class implementing stemming on a search word.
StemRule Class implementing stemming rule
StopHash Class to implement the stop word list.
StrList Ordered (linked) list of strings.
StrNode Node in linked list of strings (StrList)
UReader Reader for reading a SWISH-E index file from a byte array which gets filled from a URL.