Christian's Homepage
    Welcome to some free software which I wrote the last years.

SQLite ODBC Driver   An SQLite ODBC Driver [more ...]

SQLite Java Wrapper/JDBC Driver   A Java wrapper for the SQLite database engine including a JDBC Driver [more ...]

ODBC Binding for Ruby   A Ruby extension to access ODBC Data Sources [more ...]

AndroWish   Tcl/Tk running on Android 2.3.3 and above [more ...]

CK8.0 Curses Tcl Toolkit   A Tk-like toolkit for creation of character mode user interfaces with the Tool Command Language [more ...]

Tcl/Tk V4L Widget   A Tcl/Tk widget for video capture and display using Video for Linux supported hardware [more ...]

Tcl/Tk VNC Widget   A Tcl/Tk widget for displaying VNC desktops on UN*X systems [more ...]

SWISH-E Keyword Search Applet   A Java(tm) applet for web browser based keyword search using index files produced by the SWISH-E index engine [more...]

XJS Extension for WeirdX   An extension for the pure Java(tm) X Server WeirdX from JCraft, Inc. which provides X clients JavaScript(tm) access to the enclosing web browser. [more ...]

Tcl/Tk HTML Help   An extension for Tcl/Tk for accessing the Microsoft® Windows HTML Help [more ...]


Last update 2014-03-08